Lloyd's Story: Driving with adaptations after a Stroke

After a stroke last October, leaving him with right-hand weakness, Lloyd is fit to return to driving. Read below about his experience with us below

 How did you feel before the assessment?

“..I did some research but to be honest I wasn’t that worried. I’ve always been an extremely confident driver and other than my hand I didn’t feel anything else would hold me back. I went into this assuming I would need more controls than I’ve actually come away with.”

Lloyd passed his driving assessment and now uses a steering spinner to enable him to control the wheel with one hand. “They assessed me perfectly and made the right choice with the steering spinner on the assumption that I would regain my hand, which, as they are correct, has started to work more and is being used for driving now”.

Did you enjoy the assessment?

“Funny enough I did! The two ladies that I worked with were nothing but kind and caring. They took their time and were calm, explaining everything properly and did an amazing job. I actually enjoyed the test as I got to see how well I’m doing post Stroke.”

What advice would you give someone worried about having an assessment?

“I can understand why people might worry as you would have a stigma in your head, thinking they’re there to take your licence away. The centre and the assessors are not there to do that. They are there to do nothing but help you stay on the road and make sure you are safe and the people around you, as well as others on the road. This is an amazing service that is offered at an extremely low cost and has done nothing but help me get back on the road to help me and my family. I cannot speak more highly about the centre and the wonderful team working there. Thank you for getting me back on the road safely.”

Congratulations to you Lloyd and Thank you for sharing your experience! We wish you all the best with your future driving!

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