Meet the Board

Victoria Hull

Chair of the board

For over twenty years Victoria has worked in business-to-business sales environments with major brands including IBM, Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett Packard. The past decade her areas of focus have been telecoms, mobile technology and payments in the UK, Caribbean, Ireland, Australia and South and East Africa.

She also enjoyed two and half years in the Territorial Army, spending many a weekend training in the field as part of the Royal Artillery. More recently, she has been instrumental in the creation of a new company, Debit My Mobile, concentrating on ticketing payments in transport and parking sectors.

Victoria is also a board member of aimm (Association of Interactive Media and Micropayments) working alongside EE, Virgin Media O2, Global Radio, ITV and BBC Children in Need. This year she completed an MBA with the University of Gloucestershire and looks forward to graduating in November 2023.

Since she was a child, Victoria has enjoyed giving her time to charities including St Rocco’s Hospice, RSPCA Wildlife Centre, and various care homes. Victoria has a twelve-year-old son who was diagnosed pre-birth with Fallot’s Tetralogy, a congenital heart condition. He suffered a stroke following his second open-heart surgery ten years ago. As a result, Victoria has worked across many disciplines to support her son, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nutrition, orthotists, and speech and language. It is this personal experience that makes Victoria want to support East Anglian Driveability.

Colin Wright

Vice Chair

I have been a director on the Management Board of East Anglian Driveability and a trustee since 1991. Prior to that I had been involved as secretary of the Wayland Amputee and Rehabilitation Appeal since 1980. I have come to have some understanding of disability through this and as the appeal had ended, was invited to join the Board.

I spent my working life as a solicitor working out of Attleborough in Norfolk and in later years specialising in commercial property law. I retired from practice in September 2019, with the intention of travelling more with my wife. This was delayed for over 2 years by covid, but we are now trying to make up for lost time! In 1993 my younger daughter, Susy died from leukaemia and since then, I have fund raised for leukaemia research. This funding has passed through the Francesca Gunn laboratory at the University of East Anglia. The University has kindly made me a Fellow of the University for the contribution I have made. For relaxation I enjoy playing golf, gardening, reading and going to the theatre and cinema.

Stephen Perry

Director / Trustee

Steve Perry has worked in the mobility healthcare sector for over 40 years for a variety of manufacturers, importers and exporters, retailers and distributors. This has also included working on product development in the Far East to ensure products met all regulations for international and home markets.

Steve has been dedicated to improving information and guidance available from our industry, working with healthcare professionals, consumers, and other sector stakeholders. Steve is an active member of the PWMS (Powered Wheelchair Mobility Scooter) project steering group, working with the team that has developed a national training scheme to certify trainers in the basic assessment and operational tuition of Class 2 and 3 mobility vehicles. Steve joined Driving Mobility as a Board member and Trustee in July 2021 and EAD in August 2022. He is also an active volunteer at the WFA (Walking Football Association) as their Clubs Database Manager and supports over 600+ clubs nationally.

Kat Paylor-Bent

Director / Trustee

Kat, the visionary behind Seated Sewing, serves as the Founder and Chief Creative Officer, steering the company with passion and purpose. Over fifteen years ago, her life took an unexpected turn following a spinal cord injury that left her permanently using a wheelchair. Instead of allowing adversity to define her, Kat has turned her lived experience into a catalyst for positive change within the community she unexpectedly joined. She has recently had the honor of designing and making an outfit for another member of the disabled community who was recently awarded an MBE by the King.

Drawing from her personal journey, Kat aspires to empower others to embrace a similar mindset. Simultaneously, she addresses the practical challenges associated with disabilities, offering thoughtful solutions. This commitment is evident not only in Seated Sewing but also in her other ventures.

In Seated Perspectives, Kat spotlights outstanding accessibility in diverse venues and events. The platform serves as a showcase for best practices, acknowledging companies that go above and beyond in creating inclusive spaces. Additionally, Consult Seated, her consulting business, specializes in assessing and enhancing both physical and digital accessibility, further amplifying her dedication to fostering an inclusive environment for all.

Finally, Kat has recently become an integral part of the Tiny Teas team. Tiny Teas Trust Ltd specializes in crafting garments tailored for babies and children living with central lines. The focus is on ensuring cleanliness, secure placement, and keeping these essential medical lines away from curious little hands. Kat takes on the role of Production Director, leading the charge in research and development, overseeing the meticulous process of bringing these garments to life. Her dedication to this cause not only provides parents with peace of mind but also significantly reduces the risk of infections, underlining her commitment to making a positive impact on the well-being of these young ones.

Before these experiences, Kat held diverse positions at Board level, contributing strategic guidance to a range of stakeholders.

Simon Rodgers

Director / Trustee

Simon has worked for 25 years in the commercialisation of hi-tech services and more latterly, consulting at C level and delivering disruptive technologies to the UKs transportation markets. He is the latest addition to the EAD Board of Trustees. Whilst his work is most commonly within startup companies, his customers and partners include Government agencies, Local Authorities Train Operators.

With a number of high-profile successes delivering positive change using technology, Simon understands the technical landscape and the need to deliver technology that saves time and is easy to use. Working closely with businesses and customers, Simon has achieved significant change using technology and is very excited to be working with EAD towards their future goals.

Peter Short

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