The two ladies that I worked with were nothing but kind and caring. They took their time and were calm, explaining everything properly and did an amazing job. I actually enjoyed the test as I got to see how well I’m doing post stroke. I can understand why people might worry as you would have a stigma in your head, thinking they’re there to take your licence away. The centre and the assessors are not there to do that.

They are there to do nothing but help you stay on the road and make sure you are safe and the people around you, as well as others on the road. This is an amazing service that is offered at an extremely low cost and has done nothing but help me get back on the road to help me and my family. I cannot speak more highly about the centre and the wonderful team working there. Thank you for getting me back on the road safely.

Lloyd Cornish

Email, December 2023

They were some of the most kindest people I’ve met, this charity has changed my life and i will never be able to put it in words how grateful I am for the Thetford team.

Courtney Reeve

Facebook, Nov 2023

The assessment was carried out in a friendly, supportive and professional manner by the team who made me feel very welcome. I was nervous to begin with but I was quickly made to feel more relaxed and at ease.

Thank you for your very professional help with my assessment. I thought the cognitive/exercises were very well very well thought out and appropriate for assessing the skills and abilities needed. Thank you to Carol and David.

Thetford Client

I took my driveability assessment… It turned out to be the most extraordinarily positive experience. I was actually full of anxiety about it… and yet these two lovely people of yours, coxed me gently and determinedly forward. It was such a positive experience.

Jane Mansfield

Email, December 2023

A Great Experience… It was easy to book, the staff were really friendly and helped calm my nerves, we all laughed a lot and the experience felt like fun and not too serious, but I knew it was important. It’s a big emotional step to take to get behind the wheel again and was made to feel relaxed and at ease. Much easier then I had expected which was all down to the staff and how they interact with you.

Dawn Amor

Trustpilot, Oct 2023

Thank you so much for carrying out my driving assessment today! I had an amazing day. I can’t even put into words what the chance to get back on the road means to me. I can’t wait to get started!

Sally-Ann O

via Facebook

I had a lovely time when I visited. Everyone I met was so friendly and welcoming. I felt very much at ease when I had my assessment. Everything was explained to me very clearly as to what would be happening, and I didn’t feel rushed into doing anything. If I knew of anyone who was looking to be assessed for driving, I would certainly be mentioning East Anglian DriveAbility.

Kelly C

via Facebook

Been today for Andrew’s driving assessment with hand controls. Brilliant from start to finish. Great, friendly, approachable professional people. All in all a very positive experience, the start of the next step in Andrew’s progress.

Sue S

via Facebook

The way I felt before the assessment was a little bit nervous because I had not been behind the steering wheel for two years now and after five minutes of driving I felt like I’d never left the wheel. The assessment was brilliant. The two lady’s that took me out were amazing. At first we spent some time in the office whilst I did my visual testing and coordination, and they were friendly and sympathetic towards me. I am enthusiastic to get back to driving and my two lady’s put me at ease. They are brilliant. All the best to them. Thanks very much.

Shane Foster

Email, Oct 2023

I just want to say a massive thank you for allowing my team to visit you yesterday. They are all talking about how brilliant your service is and they have asked me to pass on their thanks for being so friendly and accommodating. Most importantly, they think it is going to be really helpful in terms of supporting their residents to remain independent.

Katie B

Community Housing Staff, via Email

Thank you all for today. You all made me feel so at ease, I woke up today feeling scared as hell as this feels like my last hope, but you were all so fab and kind that it put me at ease and I was able to relax and do my best.

Paula A

via Email

I am so grateful to you all- Stuart, Danni, Jacky. All of you were so kind, so sympathetic & empathetic too. You all went to great pains to put me at ease & this is what I feel you should emphasise on your website. On the driving assessment I had to stop to adjust the headrest on the car. Stuart came round & ended up removing it. So kind. How many people would experience that on their driving test? Also, as it was a hot day, Stuart drove the car round to the door so the air conditioning would kick in to cool the car down. Danni & Jacky both treated me like a human not just a number. You all deserve recognition. These may seem little points to you because that’s obviously what sort of people you are – but it meant a HUGE amount to me.
I’m so happy to have my licence back.


via Email

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